[Solved] CIS410 Project 3

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Please read steps (4) and (5) closely … they are dense and have a lot of instructions.If you miss part of their meaning, you will likely get the wrong answer.Assignment:1) Download skeleton file proj3.cxx and file data_proj3.vtk and put them in anew directory.a. proj3.cxx has an empty implementation for EvaluateFieldAtLocation… copy your implementation from proj2.2) Re-use your CMakeLists.txt from the last project … copy it to the newdirectory and rename as appropriate to reflect proj3.3) Run cmake, compile the program and run the program. It will generateincorrect output. It generates three outputs … “bluehot.png”,“difference.png”, and “hsv.png”. If you open them, they will be all black.4) Look for the comment with “ITERATE OVER PIXELS”. You need toimplement code here. Your code should map the physical space X=-9à9,Y=-9à9 to an image of size nx by ny. Specifically, map i==0, j==0 to X=-9,Y=-9 and i==nx-1, j==ny-1 to X=+9, Y=+9. Each of the nx times ny pixels willget mapped to a two-dimensional location. Once you know that twodimensional location, interpolate the field to that location. Once you havedone that, the pre-existing code (“I TAKE OVER HERE”) will call a function tomap the field value to a scalar.5) Implement the following functions (all functions defined in functionheader in the source code):a. ApplyBlueHotColorMapb. ApplyDifferenceColorMapc. ApplyHSVColorMapNote that the scalar field has a minimum value of 1.2 and a maximumvalue of 5.02. You should take this into account when you do yourcolor mapping. For example, field values of 3.11 (= 50% of the waybetween 1.2 and 5.02) should be mapped to the middle of the colormap.6) Upload your source code when it is working. Make sure to cross-referencewith the correct images posted on the website using the differencer. (Iexpect the images to be correct, and expect less than half credit if it is not.)


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[Solved] CIS410 Project 3
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