[Solved] CIS410 Project 6

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Implement “marching tetrahedrons.” It is similar to the “marching quads” of project5, but it will require that you extend this algorithm to three dimensions, specificallyfor tetrahedrons. (Tetrahedrons are the simplest cell type – 4 vertices.)You will need to make your own conventions for edge numbering, build your ownlookup tables, etc.The skeleton code I provide:– Has a Tetrahedron class– Has an empty implementation of “IsosurfaceTet(…)”– Has the code that loads data and calls IsosurfaceTetNote this prompt is sparser than previous ones. I figure you all are getting the hangof this by now.What to upload?:– Your proj6.cxx file with a working IsosurfaceTet function.– A screenshot of you running your code and getting the correct output


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[Solved] CIS410 Project 6
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