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You will be writing another SQL script. The script should work with the BabyName database, so it will need the appropriate USE statement. Test each of the SQL statements required for the below, and then put them into the script, making sure to comment each one. Include your name, zid, and section in each of the files you submit.

This is a fairly large database, so it is recommended that you add LIMIT 50 to your SQL statements when testing, to prevent a nigh-neverending cascade of text from needing to be downloaded. Your script must do each of the following:

  1. Select the BabyName
  2. Show all of the tables in the database.
  • Show all of the columns and their types for each table in the database.
  1. Show all of the years (once only) where your first name appears. Some people’s names may not be present in the database. If your name is one of those, then use ‘Chad’ if you are male, or ‘Stacy’ if you are female. If you don’t feel you fit into one of those, feel free to use ‘Pat’.
  2. Show all of the names from your birth year. (Showing each name only once.)
  3. Display the most popular male and female names from the year of your birth.
  4. Show all the information available about names similar to your name (or the one you adopted from above), sorted in alphabetical order by name, then, within that, by count, and finally, by the year.
  5. Show how many rows there are in the table.
  6. Show how many names there were in the year 1972.
  7. Show how many names are in the table for each sex from the year 1953.
  8. List how many different names there are for each place.


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[Solved] CSCI466-Assignment 6 SQL-DML-SingleTable
30 $