[Solved] Cloud Computing Lab 2- Basic Interface and Programming

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Lab 2: Bash Programming

Dear Script Programming Newbees

  • I think the Docker experiment starts to exhaust your strength and intellect on finding a good solution
  • Now you need to do more for your work
  • When you start coding, basically you are bashing Perquisite: you installed VM with a Linux-kernel system • Help docs for bashing:
  • https://devhints.io/bash
  • https://linuxconfig.org/bashscriptingtutorialforbeginners
  • Our course has established a well-defined relationship with Baidu Inc. and Google Inc. For any of your questions, you can use their service to find out

Goal for Lab 2

  • Objectives:
  • To write shell scripts to solve problems
  • To implement some standard Linux-kernel utilities such as ls,cp,etc using system calls.
  • Understanding the idea of multi-programming (or multiplexing) and threading
  • Learn to read an English poem
  • Learn to read instructions, carefully
  • Write a decent report

Use Bash for Shell scripts

  1. Write a Shell script that accepts a filename, starting and ending line numbers as arguments and displays all the lines between the given line numbers.
  2. Write a Shell script that deletes all lines containing a specified word in one or more files supplied as arguments to it.
  3. Write a Shell script that displays list of all the files in the current directory to which the user has read, Write and execute permissions.
  4. Write a Shell script that receives any number of file names as arguments checks if every argument supplied is a file or a directory and reports accordingly. Whenever the argument is a file, the number of lines on it is also reported.
  5. Write a Shell script that accepts a list of file names as its arguments, counts and reports the occurrence of each word that is present in the first argument file on other argument files.
  6. Write a Shell script to list all of the directory files in a directory
  7. Write a Shell script to find factorial of a given integer.

File to use in your Test Linux Poem: The Reentrant Kernel

By Morgan Phillips

A reentrant function, if interrupted,will return a result,which is not perturbed.int global_int;int is_not_reentrant(int x) { int x = x; return global_int + x; },depends on a global variable,which may change during execution.int global_int;int is_reentrant(int x) { int saved = global_int; return saved + x; },mitigates external dependency,it is reentrant, though not thread safe.

Save the poem as your text file

Now to Show it Off

  • Instead of running basic bash coding solely, you need to exec it
  • You need to write a control script (i.e., script for script) that execute all your previous bash code one by one in a certain order
  • You need to append this piece of code to your report, as well as screen shot of running this code
  • HINTS: bash allows multiplexing in executing certain codes, the specific cmd to run it is hidden in this page.


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[Solved] Cloud Computing Lab 2- Basic Interface and Programming
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