[Solved] Cloud Computing Lab 5-Load Balancing

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Load Balancing

Dear Happy Vacationer

  • The previous experiment was so easy that I’m ashamed to even talk about it
  • Now you need to do one large experiment that worths a two-week time
  • This is load balancing

Goal for Lab 5

  • Objectives:
  • Understanding the concept of load balancing
  • Monitor the utilization status of each VM and each host
  • Moving VMs from hot spot to cold ones
  • Complete this experiment using at least two computers, the more the better

To Start

Combine Them Up

  • First, connect your request generator to the MongoDB service, basically shooting different SQL statement at a self-defined rate
  • Second, make multiple duplicates of the MongoDB service, and randomly distribute the SQL statement to all service hosts
  • Third, based on your homework 2-3, use your hypercall to detect the runtime system status, including CPU utilization, memory utilization, etc.
  • Set a threshold for such status and name it as the hotspot when it is over
  • g., when CPU util > 80%, this is a hot spot, you need to either move some hosts to other machines, or distribute less workloads to this spot


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[Solved] Cloud Computing Lab 5-Load Balancing
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