[Solved] CDA4203L Lab1-Schematic entry and simulation

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Objectives: To learn and practice schematic entry and simulation.

Problem: Implement an ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) satisfying the following functional requirements. You should complete schematic capture tutorial, before you start on this lab.

Function Select (S) S1 S0 Y
Invert 0 0 A
Add 0 1 A + B
Subtract 1 0 A – B
Double 1 1 2*A

Figure 1: ALU Port Interface and Function Table

  1. Design and create a schematic of the ALU using ISE Schematic Entry tool.
  2. ) Create a test bench and use it to test the ALU functionality. Include at least two test vectors per function.

Deliverables: A concise report that includes your design and simulation results.

Report Organization (A template will be provided on Blackboard):

□Cover sheet

□ALU schematic

□ Brief description of your design

□ Simulation waveforms

□IP Block

□Feedback: Hours spent, Exercise difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard)


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[Solved] CDA4203L Lab1-Schematic entry and simulation
10 USD $