[Solved] C-Project Programming Language #Project – 11

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Write a program in C language. The program will read and write file and fill a structure type. The file contains disorganized details about people. You should read properly for every person’s detail, and write properly. And you have to write a file like that:

05122018 Ozgu GOKSU [email protected]
  • You should use functions for every purpose. For example; readFile(FILE *file), writeFile(FILE *file), etc.
  • You should use structure which contains name, sir name, ID, e-mail.
  • You should put all details about people in structures.
  • You can use “Disordered.txt” as a file to read.
  • You should create a new ordered file.


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[Solved] C-Project Programming Language #Project – 11
30 $