[Solved] C Programming Language #Project – 8

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The Monopoly Game with Linked List

In this project, you are going to enhance the Monopoly game that you implemented in the previous project. The following features will be added:

  • Playing Against Computer
  • Board Implementation
  • Fortune Cards

Gameplay Rules for Computer:

(Unless it is told, actions are the same as user actions defined in the previous project .)

  • When played against the computer, it rolls a dice just like a Dice rolling result for the computer must be printed as “Computer rolled the dice: N”.
  • If computer arrives at an unowned property, it decides what to do based on the followings:
    • If the price of the property is below the average cost of all

properties, then computer must buy the property.

  • Otherwise, the computer rolls the dice again. If the outcome is between 1 and 3, then the computer must buy the property. If the

roll is between 4 and 6, the computer skips its turn.

  • If the computer lands on a property it owns, it may construct up to 3 houses on that property. The number of houses it can built depends on

the number of properties it owns:

  • If the computer owns 1/3 of all the properties, it rolls a dice.

If the result is between 1 and 3, then the computer constructs a

house. Otherwise, it skips the current turn. o If computer does not have 1/3 of all his properties, it skips its turn.

  • When computer does not have enough money to pay its rent/tax, then the bank asks it to sell some of its properties. The computer must sell

starting with the highest priced property till it pays off its dept.

  • Player_type for computer is “cap”. Update your implementation accordingly.

Board Implementation:

  • You must convert your array-based board implementation to a linked
  • There are 4 more blocks added to the board. The total number of blocks on the board now is 24.

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Fortune Cards:

  • Whenever a player lands on a fortune card block, player draws a card from fortune card deck (you randomly pick a fortune card). It carries

out the action the card says.

  • Location of fortune card blocks on board are defined in the xlsx file.
  • Block type is “fortune”. You must update your block_type enumeration implementation accordingly.
  • Define a struct with name “fortune_card”. Rest of the implementation is up to you.
  • Fortune cards are defined below.
Card No Fortune Card Name Explanation
1 Free House Build a house on one of your properties for free.
2 Time Travel Roll a dice. If result is [1-3], move forward by 2 blocks. Else, move backward by 2 blocks.
3 Garnishment Pay 5.000 to the bank.
4 Generosity Give 10.000 to the opponent.
5 Treasure Hunter Take 20.000 from the bank.

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[Solved] C Programming Language #Project – 8
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