[Solved] CSCI466-Assignment 7 HTML Form

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For this assignment, you will be constructing an HTML file containing well-formed HTML that satisfies the requirements below.


  1. The title of the page should have your name and zid in it.
  2. The page should have a heading at the top that says “CSCI 466 Assignment 7”
  3. There must be an image on your page, and that image must be part of a link to another site.
  4. There must be three paragraphs worth of text. Have each in its own paragraph element. Be creative.
  1. An ordered list of your top ten favorite foods must be shown.
  2. Include an HTML table element that shows a 5 ×5 multiplication table, with rows and columsn for the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7 , 9.
  3. There must be a form element meeting the following requirements:
  • The form must submit to
  1. The values submitted by the form must not appear in the URL.
  2. There must be a single line text box whose value is associated with the name “banana”.
  3. There must be a series of three checkboxes. They should be labeled “Carbohydrates”, “Fat”, and “Protein”, and submit those values under the name “macros”.
  4. There must be a group of three radio buttons labeled “A”, “B”, and “C”. They should submit a value that matches their label and the server should be able to access it under the name “abc”.
  5. The “A” radio button should start off in a checked state.
  6. There must be a field in your form that is not displayed in the browser, but which contains your zid as a value and submits it under the name “zid”.
  7. The submit button must have a caption of “Make it so”.


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[Solved] CSCI466-Assignment 7 HTML Form
10 USD $