[Solved] COP4600 Project 0-My First Kernel Mod

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You will add a kernel boot log message to Reptilian. You will then take a screenshot of the terminal displaying the added boot message with your name/UFID and a personal message visible and create a short video to demonstrate your code. You’ll submit the project via Canvas.


The project is broken into four main parts:

  • Modify the kernel to print your name, UFID, and a personal message to the default boot (and rebuild).
  • Take a screenshot displaying your name and UFID in the debug boot message
  • Create a unified patch file

The system must print “##### FirstName LastName (UFID: 0000-0000) My Personal Message #####” using the log system with one new line above and below (while booting with the default configuration) just before the message “Detecting Reptilian system partition”. The personal message can be appropriate message you like (see example screenshots). It can be added in source near the call to the rcu_end_inkernel_boot() function, which wraps up the kernel’s boot tasks and hands off execution to the system initialization routines.

For extra credit (+4%), students may modify the GRUB menu to add “(FirstName LastName)” next to the default “Reptilian 20.08-A9.0-r2” option; see the Example Screenshots section below for an example of what the modified menu should look like. This will not be included in the patch; just take a screenshot and talk about what you did in the report and screencast. Note that the GRUB utilities cannot be used for this – just a text editor.

Log Levels

Many systems use level-based log systems. The Linux kernel has eight (8) levels that are used for log messages. Anything less severe than the KERN_ERR log level will only show up on the screen in verbose or debug mode.


You should test your code by starting your VM after rebuilding. Make sure it displays your message while booting in default mode (not verbose or debug). You should also apply your patch to a “clean” VM to make sure it works.


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[Solved] COP4600 Project 0-My First Kernel Mod
30 USD $