[Solved] CMPE321 Assignment2

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In this project, you are supposed to implement the design you made in the first project. Languages allowed are C, C++, and Java.

You may modify your initial design if you see it fit.

Assume that the user always inputs valid data.

All operations will be run on a 1-MB file which represents the hard disc drive. You may write a separate program to initialize this file so that page headers, etc. are filled with default values (This corresponds to formatting of the hard drive).

You can ask your questions any time by e-mail.


You are supposed to write a report in pdf format. Use of LATEX is encouraged. Your report shall have the following sections:

  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Changes from the Initial Design (include diagrams if you changed your data structures, and algorithms if you changed your program structure)
  • Sample Output (with some screenshots)
  • Conclusion and Assessment

Please be warned that high quality screenshots can bloat your report’s size, making it exceed the max upload size allowed by Moodle. You can decrease the quality of the images in that case.


Submission Details

Deadline is 24.07.2017, 23:59. Deadline is strict and will not be extended. Late submissions are accepted up to 2 days, with penalty. You are supposed to submit a zip file (not a tar, rar, etc.) which contains the following folders:

  • Code
  • Report



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[Solved] CMPE321 Assignment2
10 USD $