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( This project can be implemented in groups of at most two students. )

In this project, you will implement an A86 assembly language program that will input postfix expression involving hexadecimal quantities and evaluate it. After evaluation, the result should be output. Here are some example inputs to the program and the outputs generated:

input output
2 3 + 4 5 + * 2 / 16
A B C + 2 + * FA
1 2 4 + + FFFF ^ FFF8

The following operations will be supported.

operation symbol meaning
+ addition
* multiplication
/ integerdivision
^ bitwise xor
& bitwise and
| bitwise or

You can make the following assumptions:

  • The input tokens are separated by a blank
  • The postfix expression given is syntactically
  • All values and results of operations will be 16 bit


Your project will be graded according to the following criteria:

Documentation (written document describing how you implemented your project) 12%
Comments in your code 8%
Implementation and tests 80%


Project file should include your names in it. Please timestamp your project file using https://opentimestamps.org/ before you submit it. Keep the project file and its corresponding timestamp .ots file.


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[Solved] CMPE 230 -Systems Programming
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