[Solved] Client Technology Tracking System Project

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The file name must be: Your Last Name.CIS321.Week7.Assignment.This naming convention is important because there are 38 students in the class, and by putting your last name first, when I save your assignments to my hard drive, they will be in alphabetical order.If you do not follow these directions, I will deduct one point from your grade.

1. Create two input GUI screens: 30 pointsYou are now very familiar with the Client Technology Tracking System, so now you are ready to develop the input GUI screens for the project. The GUIs must be user friendly, so be sure you do enough research to make sure they are. Consider the idea of presentation qualities that makes the GUIs pleasing to the eye for the user. Think about the alignment of controls, white space, color, and fonts as well as perhaps other considerations. Also, think about consistency in your GUIs. The two GUI screens should structurally be consistent in some ways.Do not be concerned with showing data in your GUI. I will only be looking at the design of your GUIs.You can use ACCESS or Visio if you wish, but I prefer you do it in Visual Basic, C#, or C++. These software development platforms are more sophisticated than ACCESS or Visio. But don’t worry, I will not take any points off if you decide to use ACCESS or Visio.

2. Create two output GUI screens: 30 points

You are to create two reports. Using ACCESS or Visio will be fine to use. But for reports, you need to think about the controls being output LABEL controls. Perhaps do some research on the internet for how reports are structured. Do not be concerned with showing data in the reports.

Note: You will create your GUIs, create a screenshot of them and then copy and paste them to one Word Document.


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[Solved] Client Technology Tracking System Project
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