[Solved] CLC Project 4- POS Tagging

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./viterbi.py input_hmm test_file output_file

I’m providing hmm.txt, which is in the following format (italics are replaced with values in the file):

state_num=number of states sym_num=number of POS tags


tag P(tag | BOS) log10(P(tag | BOS))

transition tag1 tag2 P(tag2 | tag1) log10(P(tag2 | tag1))

emission tag word P(word | tag) log10(P(word | tag))

  • If there is no transition probability from tag1 to tag2, then it is impossible to go from tag1 to tag2.
  • If there is no transition probability from tag to word, then it is impossible for that tag to generate that word.

Each line of the test_file contains a single sentence.

The format of the output_file should be, one sentence per line: word1/tag1 word2/tag2 word3/tag3…


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[Solved] CLC Project 4- POS Tagging
10 USD $