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You are given the following classCard, Player (abstract), BadPlayer (as an example player), DiscardPile, Crazy8Game.


implement several new player classes that implement different strategies for players and modify Crazy8s to visualize game play. You must ensure that the games are played properly. You may modify any of the provided classes.

Game Play

You must ensure that a proper game of crazy 8’s is played. This means that all played cards (cards added to the discard pile) are valid. At the end of a game, points should be awarded to the winning player.

There should be choice for 2,3 or 4 player games and whether or not it is a single game play or multiple game (with a set points goa

PlayerStrategies:(make each strategy a class which extend the player class.write the methods in each class.

first create 2 java classes for each strategy RandomPlayer class and MindTheEights class)

RandomPlayer should play a random valid card.

MindTheEights should always be aware of any eights they are holding. This player will their eights until late in the game, but won’t hold on to them too long (as they are worth a lot of points). Once any opponent goes down to one card, it’s time to play your eight. If you have two eights, start playing them once an opponent goes down to two cards. (Expand this for 3 or 4 or more eights.)


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[Solved] classCard
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