[Solved] CISP340 – Assignment #5 and #6

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In this assignment you will begin development of the Wildlife Tracking application (Animal Tracker). The application will store data within a SQLite database (http://www.sqlite.org/) and present the user with the functionality to add a new sighting, update an existing siting, and delete a sighting.At this point, the database will consist of a single table, called “ANIMALS”, which is shown below.Table Name: ANIMALS_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENTanimal_type_cd INTEGER FOREIGN KEY TO ANIMAL TYPE TABLE. THEANIMAL TYPE TABLE WILL BE CREATED IN THEFUTURE. THE DEFAULT VALUE IS 0.count_no INTEGER THE NUMBER OF ANIMALS SEEN DURING THESIGHTINGseenon_dtm TEXT THE DATE AND TIME OF THE SIGHTINGcomments_txt TEXT FREE FORMAT COMMENTSIn SQLite, TEXT is a reasonable data type to store date, time, and datetime values. See http://www.sqlite.org/lang_datefunc.html for details.Create a class that interacts with the SQLite database to perform the following operations:ADD, UPDATE, DELETE (physical), LIST (select all records), and INQUIRE (select one record, by key).Figure 1 (below) shows the overall flow of the complete the wildlife sightings application. The application will allow the user to view the list of all animal sightings, add a new sighting, view details on a single sighting, modify a sighting, and remove a sighting.Start Animal Sighting ListView UpdateAddRemoveExitDevelop the Animal Sighting List activity and the Add activity so that new animal sightings may be created and stored in the database. Only the List and Add activities need to be completed for this assignment.All literal string data must be contained within the strings files (SQL/DML/DDL strings are exempt).The application must not crash due to invalid or missing input.

CISP340 – Assignment #6In this assignment you will complete the Animal Tracker application and extend the SQLite database to include a table that indicates the type of animal what was seen. The ANIMALTYPEtable is shown below.ANIMALTYPE Table (new)animal_type_cd INTEGER PRIMARY KEY PRIMARY KEYanimal_type_nm TEXT Contains the name of the animalPopulate the ANIMALTYPE table with the data given below.animal_type_cd animal_type_nm1 Squirrel2 Rabbit3 Deer4 Fox5 Skunk!6 Bald EagleThis database version will be version 2. Ensure that the database class is properly coded to support a database upgrade from version 1 to version 2.Complete the wildlife sightings application so that the user can view the list of all animal sightings, add a new sighting, view details on a single sighting, modify a sighting, and remove a sighting. Figure 1 (below) shows the overall flow of the program.


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[Solved] CISP340 – Assignment #5 and #6
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