[Solved] CIS 1111 Programming–Sleeping Bear Dunes 2D Arrays

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Write a C++ program to calculate to analyze the data from the number of visitors to Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan in 2015.


  1. Read the data from the Months.txt and Visitors.txt files. The text files are provided for you to download. The data was obtained from the National Park Service website.
  2. Design the program so the user enters a menu item and the following is displayed
    1. Display the chart below
    2. Totals and display all visitors to the dunes.
    3. Total and display each month (add across the rows (except the Total Overnight Stays).
    4. Display the percentage of Total Overnight Stays compared to total visits. (Total Overnight Stays/(Recreation Visitors + Total Overnight Stays)
  3. Design the program so the user can continuously enter a menu item and terminate the program when done.


Zipped folder named LastNameFirstNameCIS1111NameOfAssignment which contains:

  1. Your .cpp file
  2. Screen shots of your code and output

Grading guidelines

Range – Low End(Did not do or did very little effort) Range – High End(Used correctly and spent time/effort on programming)
Names of variables are meaningful and the program comments self-document the program 0 2
Met all stated requirements 0 10
Output is correct given the input, and the output is correctly formatted 0 4
Program compiles and executes without any runtime, syntax, or logic errors 0 3
The zipped project folder that includes the C++ .cpp source files and screens shots of the code and console is uploaded to drop box. Use the test data above. 0 1
Total Points Possible 0 20






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[Solved] CIS 1111 Programming–Sleeping Bear Dunes 2D Arrays
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