[Solved] CIS 1111 Final Project – Assignment

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As part of your final assessment in this course, you are to design and develop a program of your own design and choosing. There is a list of ideas below, but you can come up with your own idea. Read all the instructions very carefully and review the grading rubric for this assignment. The grading rubric will be used to grade your final project.

Your final program must be original and not based on any assignments in this or any other course. This project is also assessing your ability to problem solve: Can you design a program from the topics below?

Suggested Topics:

  • Statistics (sports, video games, etc…)
  • Business (accounting, warehousing, retail, etc…)
  • Home inventory system (inventory your belongings, your film collection, your music collection, your antiques collection, etc…)
  • Dictionary (Spanish-English, Thesaurus, Quotes, rhymes, Scrabble, etc…)
  • Personal finance (Expense tracker, check book, Monthly budget)
  • Personal development (calorie tracker, exercise log, to do list, etc…)


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[Solved] CIS 1111 Final Project – Assignment
30 $