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This assignment contains two parts. Please follow the instructions for each part.

Part 1 (Reflection) Instructions:

  • https://deathtobullshit.com/
  • https://vimeo.com/63437853

Visit the links above and watch the video for “Death to Bullshit” by Brad Frost. Write at least two paragraphs with your reactions to the video. Your write-up should include your reflections and views on what Brad Frost discussed as opposed to a shaummary of what he says. If you’re unsure of where to start, feel free to use the questions below for starting points. Keep in mind that this video was released in 2013.

  • Do you agree with what Brad Frost mentions?
  • How have the statistics he mentions changed since the video was released? o Browser usage, technologies, amounts of data produced, etc.
  • Are the issues he talks about still relevant? Have you experienced them?
  • What are some problems arising from the widespread adoption of the internet and related technologies? What are some benefits?
  • What changes would you make to modern websites?

In your write-up, you should also include a link to some related research that adds to your reflection. It can refute or agree with what the speaker was discussing, or it can introduce a new relevant topic entirely. For citation purposes, include a link to your source below the write-up so I can view it.

Part 2 (Website Evaluations) Instructions:

  • https://www.darkpatterns.org/types-of-dark-pattern
  • https://www.w3.org/WAI/perspective-videos/
  • https://www.ideasonpurpose.com/on/7-qualities-great-website/
  • https://html-online.com/articles/avoid-html-website-features/

Visit the links above which cover dark patterns, how users with disabilities work with the web, and general practices for website development. Based on the information provided and the criteria for good/bad websites discussed earlier in class, your task will be to evaluate three websites. One website will be your choice, but the other two must be from the list below.

  • http://www.goetzskyvu.com/GOETZ_THEATRE/GOETZ_SHOW_&_TIMES.html
  • http://themagicofbaltimore.blogspot.com/
  • https://www.art.yale.edu/
  • https://www.felixhieronimus.com/
  • https://www.reddit.com/

In your evaluation, you should provide a link to the websites you’re using for this assignment. Besides this, you should discuss what aspects of the website make it “good” versus “bad.” In your evaluation, you must mention some specific criteria and make a clear argument for your decision.

These write-ups are due Thursday, September 2nd at 6pm. Each one should be grammatically correct and represent your own personal thoughts. To submit the work for this assignment, visit Blackboard à Course Materials à Lectures Notes for this week’s class. You can also go into the “Assignments” folder and the submission area will be titled “Reflections/Website

Evaluations.” The file should be submitted individually as a Word document or something else I can open. The work submitted will be evaluated based on the rubric explained below.

Reflection/Website Evaluations Rubric – 10pts

  • Death to Bullshit Reflection: 4pts o Length of writeup: 1pts o Quality of writeup: 2pts o Cited source: 1pt
  • Website Evaluations: 6pts o Each Evaluation: 3pts
    • Website link included: .5pt
    • Evaluation is thorough: 2.5pts
  • Stated whether website is “good” or “bad”
  • Provided specific reasons as to why

To submit it, go to Blackboard à Course Materials à Lecture Notes for this week’s class. You can also visit the Assignments folder directly from the Course Materials folder.

Participation Questions 8/26

To receive credit for participation in today’s class, please answer all the questions in the Google Form linked below. If you don’t want to answer the final question (fun), simply put N/A (not applicable) for your answer and that will count.


Next Week

In next week’s class, we will learn about the website building process. Specifically, we’ll cover wireframes, style tiles, and conducting needs assessments. The links below aren’t required reading but will offer a helpful glimpse into wireframes and style tiles.

  • https://www.experienceux.co.uk/faqs/what-is-wireframing/
  • https://balsamiq.com/learn/resources/articles/what-are-wireframes/ http://styletil.es/


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