[Solved] CENG112 Assignment 3-Operating System Process Management Simulation

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Operating System Process Management Simulation

In this homework, you are expected to implement a basic “Operating System Process Management Simulation” application using Java. This homework will cover the topics given below:

  1. Linked Lists
  2. List ADT (Abstract Data Type)
  3. Priority Queue ADT (Abstract Data Type)

Assume that you are designing a process management system for an operating system. In this system, different processes with various priorities “request” computing time from the operating system. Only one process can be computed at a given time. In other words, there is no parallel computing.

There are three types of process in the system:

  1. High → Priority: 1
  2. Normal → Priority: 2
  3. Low → Priority: 3

At any given time system can have different number of processes. The systems should keep all the processes in a list.

The Process class should implement the following IProcess interface:

public interface IProcess { public String getType(); public int getPriority(); public String toString();


You can assume that all processes request computation at the same time. The computations should be placed in a queue-based structure with a FIFO approach with priorities.

In this system, each “computation” has an occupation time that denotes how many nanoseconds the operating system will be occupied. Your application should keep statistics about the estimated waiting time for each process, and this waiting time is equal to the sum of occupation time of all prior computations.

An outline of the Computation class is given below: public Computation {

private int id; private IProcess process; private int occupation; // unique computation id in [1,1000]// the process that makes computation request// needed time for the computation

public String toString();

… // Constructors, getter setter and other helper methods


You are expected to create 3 simulations. Each simulation should have 3, 5, and 10 random processes respectively. Furthermore, for each simulation there should be a corresponding priority computation queue. The simulations should be connected to each other in a linked list fashion.

Your application should print some statistics at the end of each simulation which are:

  • Simulation Number
  • Representation of the Computation Queue
  • Total number of computations for the simulation
  • Total and average waiting times
  • Total number of computations for each specific type of process
  • Total and average waiting time for each specific type of process

Summary of the Requirements

  1. Create 3 simulations (which are linked to each other) with 3,5, and 10 random processes.
  2. Place processes in a list for each simulation.
  3. Create a “computation queue” for each simulation in which each computation should have a random occupation time (between 1-10ns).
  4. For each simulation, print statistics.

The output of your program for the first simulation should look something like this:

Simulation Number: 1

Computation Queue: P2,High,10ns ← P1,High,2ns ← P3,Low,7ns

Total numbers of computations : 3

Total waiting time: 12

Average waiting time: 4

Total number of computations for High: 2

Total number of computations for Normal: 0

Total number of computations for Low: 1

Total waiting time for High: 10

Average waiting time for High: 5

Total waiting time for Normal: 0

Average waiting time for Normal: 0

Total waiting time for Low: 12 Average waiting time for Low: 12 ….

You should print this output for each simulation.


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[Solved] CENG112 Assignment 3-Operating System Process Management Simulation
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