[Solved] CECS326 Homework 10

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Chapter 8

Purpose: A PROGRAMMING assignment to gain experience with signals and semaphors.

You will build an intersection control system.

Create and initialize a semaphore before you fork. Print the semaphor ID.

After the fork, the child handles traffic in the N/S direction; the parent handles traffic in the E/W direction. Both try to get their cars into the intersection as soon as possible.

Handling of the intersection must proceed as follows:

  • get a lock on the intersection
  • print ”N/S car entering intersection” (or E/W car if you’re the parent).
  • Sleep 1 seconds, this time represents how long it takes to cross the intersection.
  • print ”N/S car leaving intersection”
  • release the lock on the intersection

Both the parent and the child should loop until they have gotten 10 cars across the intersection (i.e., loop 10 times).

Demo: Your traffic control program. The instructor will also want to look at the code.


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[Solved] CECS326 Homework 10
10 USD $