[Solved] CE3345 Assignment 5

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  1. [20 Points] Given input {4371, 1323, 6173, 4199, 4344, 9679, 1989} and a hash function h(x) = x mod 10, show the resulting:
    1. Separate Chaining hash table
    2. Hash Table using linear probing
    3. Hash table using quadratic probing
    4. Hash table with second hash function h2(x) = 7 – ( x mod 7)
  1. [10 Points] A min-max heap is a data Structure that supports both deleteMin and deleteMax in O(logN) per operation. The structure is identical to a binary heap, but the heap-order property is that for any node, X, at even depth, the element stored at X is smaller than the parent but larger than the grandparent ( where this makes sense), and for any node X at odd depth, the element stored at X is larger than the parent but smaller than grandparent. See Fig.
  2. How do we find the minimum and maximum element?
  3. Give an algorithm to insert a new node into the min-max heap.
  1. [10 Points] Merge the two binomial queues
  1. [10 Points] Give an algorithm to find all nodes less than some value X, in a binary heap. Your algorithm should run in O(K), where K is number of nodes output.


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[Solved] CE3345 Assignment 5
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