[Solved] CE/CS1337 – PROJECT – Wario World Economics

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KEY ITEMS: Key items are marked in red. Failure to include or complete key items will incur additional deductions as noted beside the item.

Problem: As usual, Wario is concerned about nothing other than acquiring more money. In order to maximize profits, Wario needs to use calculus to create derivatives for analysis. Unfortunately, Wario never took calculus; there wasn’t much need of it in the Mushroom Kingdom. So, Wario is calling on you to help him by creating a program to create derivatives.

Pseudocode: Your pseudocode should describe the following items

  • Main.cpp
    • Detail the step-by-step logic of the mainfunction
    • List other functions you plan tocreate
      • Determine the parameters
      • Determine the return type
      • Detail the step-by-step logic that the function will perform
  • You do not need to write any pseudocode for any of the class functions


  • This project must use two classes – created in review homework #7
    • Linked Listclass
    • Nodeclass
  • Linked Listclass
    • Variables
      • Head – node pointer
    • Functions
      • Default constructor
      • Overloaded Constructor
        • Make copy of list passed in
      • Destructor
        • Delete thelist
      • Accessors andmutators
      • Overloaded operators – created in review homework #8
        • Overloaded []
          • Return the node at the givenindex
        • Overloaded << operator
          • Display the linkedlist
          • Use [] notation to treat the linked list like an array
          • See output format below
        • Overloaded ++ operator
          • Prefix notation only
          • Add node to head of linkedlist
      • Sort
        • Sort the linked list in descending order by exponent
  • Nodeclass
    • Variables
      • Outer coefficient
      • Innercoefficient
      • (optional) numerator and denominator variables if doing extra creditportion
      • Exponent
      • Trigidentifier
      • Nodepointer
    • Functions
      • Defaultconstructor
      • Overloadedconstructor
      • Accessors andmutators
      • Overloaded << operator – created in review homework #8
        • Display a singlenode
        • See output format below
  • All nodes will be dynamicallycreated
    • There should only be enough nodes to hold data for the current expression
    • You will have to consider a way to reuse the linked list for the next expression
  • All input will be read from afile
  • Each term in the expression will be stored into a node and added into the linkedlist
  • Each line in the file will be a mathematical function that can be derived
  • The number of lines in the file is unknown
  • Each calculated derivative will be written to afile

User Interface: There will be no user interface for this program

Input: All input will be read from a file named functions.txt. Each line in the file will be a mathematical function with the following parameters:

  • Consist of polynomial terms – the highest degree will be10
  • May also contain trigfunctions
  • Exponents will be represented by the ^ character.
  • Exponents may be positive ornegative
  • Do not assume that the expression will be in order from highest to lowest exponent.
  • All coefficients will beintegers.
  • The absence of a coefficient should be interpreted as a coefficient of1
  • Trigonometric functions may havecoefficients
  • The variable will always be ‘x’.
  • There will be spaces around the operators between terms
  • If a trig function is used, there will be a space between the trig function and the coefficient of x
  • ExampleInput:
    • 3x^2 + 2x + 1
    • x^-2 + 3x + 4
    • 4x – x^3
    • 3sin x + cosx
    • 1 – cos4x
    • 3x^4 – 6x^2 + tan 10x

Output: All output will be written to a file.

  • The file will be namedtxt.
  • Each derivative will be written on a separate line.
  • Use the ^ character to represent exponents.
  • The terms of the derivative must be ordered from highest to lowest exponent
    • Trig functions should be listed at the end in the order they were encountered in the original expression
  • The format of the output for each term will be the same as the input format
  • Do not use double operators
    • Invalid format: 2x^2 +-3x

EXTRA CREDIT: Add to your program to derive functions with fractional coefficients (potential 25 extra points for this project)

  • Fractional coefficients will be enclosed within parentheses (for both input andoutput)
  • Each coefficient in the derivative should be simplified as much as possible
  • Fractional coefficients with a denominator of 1 after derivation will be written as a whole number without parentheses
  • ExampleInput
    • x – (1/4)sin4x
    • (3/5)x^5 – 2x^3 – 10cos10x


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[Solved] CE/CS1337 – PROJECT – Wario World Economics
10 USD $