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Problem: CoffeeDesign and implement a program that manages coffees.First, implement an abstract class named Coffee.The Coffee class has three member variables: coffee type, price, and store name.The Coffee class has an abstract method name ingredient. Make sure to add all necessary setters and getters as well as other methods.The class Coffee implements an interface HowToMakeDrink. The interface has the following method:public interface HowToMakeDrink {public void prepare ();}—————————The prepare method will simply print out the type of drink (Coffee Mocha) and all ingredients of the drink to the screen.Implement four derived classes named WhititeChocolateMocha, DarkChocolateMocha, CoffeeMocha, and PeppermintMocha.Assign the appropriate value for chocolate Type for the first two classes.1. Add a peppermintSyrubAmount member variable to the PeppermintMocha class including a getter and setter function.2. Add a constructor to each class that sets the values of all properties.3. Override the prepare () method in each subclass by printing the coffee/class type and ingredients using the defined properties in that class.4. Write a program that repeatedly shows the user a menu to create one of the three mocha drinks or to print all the drinks created so far.5. If the user selects to create a new mocha drink, the program prompts the user to enter the ingredients of the selected drink.6. If the user selects to print the current coffees, print the drink type and ingredients of each drink to the console.7. Creating objects for testing all classes and all methods in the main method.8. Use an ArrayList to store objects created by each user.


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[Solved] CCC CoffeeDesign
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