[Solved] CAP4453:ROBOT VISION Assignment 1

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(5 points) Modify the Sobel program to do thresholding on the gradient magnitude out­put to find edge points, and run it on the image face05. Produce three output images: one showing the magnitude of the gradient, one black/white image showing where the magni­tude exceeds a liberal (low) threshold so that all the correct edges are in, and the last one a black/white image showing where the magnitude exceeds a restrictive (high) threshold so that only true outline fragments are shown. You can use and modify the code in sobel.c from the web-page. Write your program in a manner such that it only has to run once to produce the three output images.

  1. (90 points) Write a program for the following. Implement the Canny edge detector to accept as input a value for sigma. Run it on garb34.pgm. Produce three output images: one showing the magnitude of the gradient (scaled to fit within the range 0 – 255), one black/white image showing where candidates (the peaks) exist, and the final black/white image showing the result of double-thresholding these candidates. Include code that au­tomatically selects the HIGH and LOW thresholds. So, you will input to the program a percentage number that will be used to compute the thresholds. Print to the screen the values the program chooses for these thresholds. Run your program for sigma = 1.0, and show the output.

NOTE-1: All programs and images are available at www.cs.ucf.edu/courses/cap4453 NOTE-2: Be prepared to turn in and do a live-demo of the programs and show the output images.

  1. (5 points) Go to the Computer Vision Groups at


Explore the site. Write two or three sentences for each of the following 15 members that you choose; choose 5 links from America, 5 links from Europe, and 5 links from Asia/MiddleEast. Your sentences should summarize what you saw at each site.

Hand in a hardcopy report (Max two pages).


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[Solved] CAP4453:ROBOT VISION Assignment 1
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