[Solved] Calculus-Homework 6

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Problem 1

Sketch the graph of the function

Problem 2

Sketch the graph of the function

f(x) = −ln(x) + x

Problem 3

(6 points)

Sketch the graph of the function f(x) = 2e−4/x

Problem 4

A family wants to build a fenced-in area in their garden for their rabbits. Two sides of the rectangular fencing will be given by a hedge. The family bought 50m of fencing. What area is the optimum for the rectangle such that the rabbits have the largest possible area in which to graze?

Problem 5

Find the radius of the circle which minimizes the square of the distance of the circle centered at the origin to the points (1,0) and (−1,1).


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[Solved] Calculus-Homework 6
30 $