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In this project, you are asked to implement a maximum flow algorithm in order to solve the given problem.

Soccer League

In this problem, you need to determine whether a given team has a chance to win the league or not.

 2≤N≤10 . 

 

Input-Output Format

There are N different teams in the league, where

There is always a winner in each match, no draws.

Teams do not play their matches in a fixed order, teamA may have completed all its

matches whereas teamB still has to play 4 more matches to play.

Each win grants 1 point to the winning team and losing team gets nothing.

If multiple teams have the same and highest score at the end of the league, all those teams


First line contains N, number of teams in the league. Second line contains points of each N teams in

the league so far. Next N lines represent a symmetric NxN matrix showing remaining matches of the

teams. Numbers in the same line are space-separated.

An example problem input and the answer can be seen below:



5 11011 01000 10010 00000 01001 00010


Input explanation:

N=5, number of teams in the league

Current scores of the teams in order: 1, 1, 0, 1, 1

It is seen that 3 more matches need to be played in the league.

1- Team1 vs Team2

2- Team2 vs Team4

3- Team4 vs Team5

Output explanation:

Each team except Team3 can still win the league.

A) A Simpler Elimination Rule

Let the current team with the highest points in the league T, and its points P.

Instead of using a maximum-flow based method, could not we just use a simple criterion such that “If current points of a team plus the number of remaining matches a team has >= P, that team still has a chance to win the league”.

Your answer must be yes or no. If your answer is yes, discuss/prove why. If your answer is no, discuss/prove why or give a counterexample scenario.

B) Implementation

Implement a maximum flow based algorithm to decide whether given teams have a chance to win the league or not.

In your implementation, follow the given input-output format (especially output). Programs with different output format may result in a zero grade.

Input file name should be chosen by a command line argument. Sample input files are given. When the solution is found, if there is a second command line argument specified write your result to the specified output file, if there is not simply print your solution.

All your code must be written in C++, and should be compiled and run on ITU’s Linux Server (you can access it through SSH) using g++. Otherwise your code will not be evaluated.

Your program should compile and run using the following commands:

You must provide instructions for how to compile your program with g++ (either in the report or in one of the source code files), and your program should be able to run the following commands:

g++ …SOURCECODEFILES… –o project3./project3 <input-file-name> <output-file-name(OPTIONAL)> ./project3 input1.txt./project3 input1.txt output1.txt

C) Report (40 points)

 

Formulate the problem as a Network Flow problem. Visualize your network by stating flow

values (15 points).

Describe the method that you implemented for the league elimination in detail (15 points).

Discuss the time and space complexities of your algorithm with their proofs (10 points).

Another example problem input-output below:



4 2311 0401 4063 0603 1330


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[Solved] BLG335E Project 3 Main
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