[Solved] BBM104 Quiz 2-Classes, Constructors, Inheritance

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Write an object oriented program that allows users to manage the members of Fitness Center. The sport center has more than one person and each person may register either as a personal trainer or as a member.

The program should store all of the information (i.e. id (must start at 1), name, surname, height, weight, etc.) as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: UML class diagram of Sport Center

Create a Person class with:

  • Several attributes: id, name, surname.
  • One constructor method which receives all attributes as parameters.


Create a PersonalTrainer class with:

  • Several attributes: Member[] members, sportType.
  • One constructor method which receives all attributes as parameters (id, name, surname, sportType).
  • addMember(Member m): adds members to the specified PT.
  • returnCountofMembers(): returns the count of specified PT’s members.
  • returnMember(int memberID): returns Member instance.
  • ReturnFattestMember(): Returns the fattest member PT has.

Create a Member class with:

  • Several attributes: heigth, weight. These attributes must be private.
  • One constructor method which receives all parameters (id, name, surname, weight, height).
  • Get / Set methods
  • bmi() method: calculates Body Mass Index of the member. The formula for BMI index is shown in Figure 2. W represents weight, and H represents height of members.

Figure 2: The formula of BMI index

  • weightStatus() method: returns the weight status of the member as String by calling BMI method.

Create a SportCenter class with:

  • Several attributes: name of the sport center, PersonalTrainer[] PTs.
  • One constructor which receives name as parameter
  • addPT(PersonalTrainer pt) method: adds personal trainer to the sport center
  • searchPT(String name, String surname) method: returns an instance of type ”PersonalTrainer”.


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[Solved] BBM104 Quiz 2-Classes, Constructors, Inheritance
10 USD $