[Solved] ATIS-Assignment 6 System Qualities and Scenarios

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We analyze the non-functional requirements for our system, write scenarios to make them measurable, and decide which non-functional requirements we put into the focus of attention.

  • Review the list of Quality Characteristics in ISO/IEC 25010:2011 (slide at the end of slide deck A6) and select 2 quality criteria, which you consider especially important for the semester project. Give arguments why you selected these criteria.
  • Select one of the subqualities for each criterion, e.g. for functional suitability, discuss either appropriateness, accuracy, or compliance. As an option, you can also review all subqualities of each quality criterion.
  • Write at least 2 scenarios for each of the two qualities. Make sure you specify all 6 elements of a scenario description. Pay attention to make the response measurable.
  • One frequently finds the following formulation of the non-functional requirement usability in student projects. “The system should be easy and intuitive to use.” Suggest 2 specific scenarios for an improved formulation of this requirement in the context of the semester project.


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[Solved] ATIS-Assignment 6 System Qualities and Scenarios
30 $