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1. (25 + 15 = 40 marks) You have learned some fundamental data structure concepts such as array, queue and priority queue, stack, list and linked list, sequence, and unordered set, and you understand the concept of interface or abstract data type that defines the set of operations supported by a data structure and the semantics, or meaning, of those operations. You can use the interface of one particular data structure to define or implement the operations of a different data structure.

a. (25 marks total) Describe the meaning of the essential methods add(x), deleteMin(), and size() that are supported by the priority queue interface (5 marks).Implement those methods using a singly-linked list (5 marks for each method).

Analyze the running time of the add(x) and deletMin() operations based on this

implementation (5 marks).

b. (15 marks total) Implement the stack methods push(x) and pop() using two queues (5 marks for each method).

Analyze the running time of the push(x) and pop() operations based on this implementation (5 marks).

2. (10 + 10 = 20 marks) Swap two adjacent elements in a list by adjusting only the links (and not the data) using

a. singly-linked list (10 marks).b. doubly-linked list (10 marks).

3. (20 marks) Exercise 1.5. Using a USet, implement a Bag. A Bag is like a USet it supports the add(x), remove(x), and find(x) methods—but it allows duplicate elements to be stored. The find(x) operation in a Bag returns some element (if any) that is equal to x. In addition, a Bag supports the findAll(x) operation that returns a list of all elements in the Bag that are equal to x

4. (20 marks) Exercise 2.3. Design and implement a RandomQueue. This is an implementation of the

Queue interface in which the remove() operation removes an element that is chosen uniformly at random among all the elements currently in the queue. (Think of a RandomQueue as a bag in which we can add elements or reach in and blindly remove some random element.) The add(x) and remove() operations in a RandomQueue should run in constant time per operation.

5. (20 marks) Exercise 3.12. Write a method, reverse(), that reverses the order of elements in a DLList.

6. (20 marks) Exercise 3.14. Design and implement a MinStack data structure that can store comparable elements and supports the stack operations push(x), pop(), and size(), as well as the min() operation, which returns the minimum value currently stored in the data structure. All operations should run in constant time


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[Solved] Assignment 1
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