[Solved] Application title: Ring Tones App

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Complete Case Project 6-5: Ring Tones App on page 260 of your textbook.

Requirements Document

Application title: Ring Tones App

Purpose: This Ring Tones app allows you to listen to three different ring tones using RadioButton controls for selection.

Algorithms: 1. Create an app that opens with a picture of a mobile phone and a title for three seconds.

2. The second screen shows three RadioButton controls that display different ring tone titles and a description of each ring tone.

Conditions: 1.Select your own images and free ring tones available by searching the Web.

2. When a ring tone is playing, the other buttons should not be displayed. Each ring tone can play and pause on the user’s selection.

Submit: A .zip file containing your completed project.


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[Solved] Application title: Ring Tones App
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