[Solved] AI ASSIGNMENT 2-Arithmetic in Prolog

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Write Prolog programs1. To find the sum of all elements of a list.2. To find the length of a list.3. *To find the average of all elements of a list using sum and length defined in Problem 1 and 2.4. To find the maximum number from a list.5. *To find gcd of two integers.6. *To generate all integers between two integers N1 and N2, both N1 and N2 included and N2>N1.7. *To count numbers greater than 100.0 in a list.8. *To split a list of numbers in two lists such that one contains negative numbers and other contains positive numbers.For the Problems 9 – 13, you can only assume increment by 1 (i. e., +1), decrement by 1 (i. e., -1) and any other predicate defined earlier in 9 – 12.9. *To recursively add two integers.10. *To subtract two integers recursively.11. * To multiply two integers recursively.12. *To divide two integers recursively and get the quotient.13. *To find the square root of an integer.14. * To find N!.15. *To generate first N Fibonacci numbers.*marked problems are not done in the class.


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[Solved] AI ASSIGNMENT 2-Arithmetic in Prolog
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