[Solved] ADS Project 2-Josephus problem with circular lists

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You are going to implement a program that provides the solution of the Josephus problem (see the description on the class slides). You are going to implement:


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A circular list. It should have at least the following functionalities: insert a new element, print all elements, remove an element, list third element from given one. Data should be private, and accessible from the main program only through calling member functions.

You have freedom to the design of the program Discuss your design choices in the report you submit.

The main program will use the provided functionality to answer the following question: suppose we start the process from a given node i. Which is the last node to survive ?

What to turn in

You will turn in1. ashortwrittenreportcontaining:

• A description of the significant choices/issues in the design of your code.

• Listing of your experiments, showcasing the capabilities of the program.

2. Thesourcecodeofyourprogram.You may turn in the document via elearning.e-uvt.ro (Class moodle).


3 Coding standards


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[Solved] ADS Project 2-Josephus problem with circular lists
30 $