[Solved] A 138.0 g metal block absorbs 4.512 × 103 J of heat…

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  1. A 138.0 g metal block absorbs 4.512 × 103 J of heat to increase its temperature from 25°C to 110° What is the substance? Show your work.

Specific Heats of Selected Substances

Substance C [J/(kg·C)]
Water (ice) 2,060
Iron 450
Aluminum 897
Gold 130
Copper 385
Silver 235
Ammonia (liquid) 4,700
Water (liquid) 4,180
Water (steam) 2,020
Lead 128


  1. A 6.0 V battery is hooked up with three resistors (R1, R2, and R3) in parallel with resistances of 2.0 Ω, 4.5 Ω, and 10.0 Ω, respectively.
    • Draw a labeled circuit diagram for the circuit described using correct symbols. (Use computer drawing tools or hand draw, scan and copy and paste.)
    • Calculate the equivalent resistance.
    • Calculate the current passing through each resistor in the circuit.


  1. tA pulley system is used to raise a 140.0 N crate 6.5 m from the loading dock to the ship. This requires a force of 80.0 N to be applied by the longshoreman.
    • What is the mechanical advantage of the pulley system?
    • What is the efficiency of the system if the ideal mechanical advance of the system was equal to 3?
    • Find both the work input and work output assuming the efficiency found in part b.


  1. A 600.0 kg roller coaster car is at rest at the top of a 110.0 m hill. It rolls down the first drop to a height of 40.0 m then goes up the next hill where it is moving at 30.0 m/s at the top. It then rolls down the second hill until it is at ground level. Draw a picture of the roller coaster (there should be 2 hills) and calculate the kinetic and potential energy at the top and bottom of each hill. Label your work clearly. You should have 4 locations with both KE and PE energy shown.


  1. A 5.0 cm object is 10.0 cm to the left of a convex lens with a focal length of +7.0 cm.
    • Draw a ray diagram of the setup showing the location of the image.
    • Calculate the distance of the image from the lens.
    • Calculate the height of the image and identify the type of image (virtual, real, upright, inverted)



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[Solved] A 138.0 g metal block absorbs 4.512 × 103 J of heat…
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