[Solved] 605.681 Module 3 -Homework for HTML/Java

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This is a two part homework.

  1. The first part is to modify the HTML file you created in HW #2
    1. Define an external CSS file and use it to format some of the items in the HTML file
    2. Validate the HTML file
  2. The second part of the Homework is a VERY basic Java program. If you haven’t done Java before, this will be good, if you have, this is trivial so relax and enjoy an easy project!.
    1. to create a method (in an arbitrary class of your choosing) that takes integers as arguments (not prompt the user, these are arguments to your program) and returns the product of the two integers.
    2. The method will have an “int” return type.
    3. In order to show your method works, you should have a “main” method in the class that requires the users provide two arguments after the command, and then converts those two arguments to integers.
    4. You will then pass those ints to your method, get the result, and then print the result back out to the console. If the number is negative, print out a negative amount as a number in parenthesis () rather than have a negative sign.

We haven’t covered exceptions yet, so you can assume the user will pass you integers from the command prompt.


Post the HTML and CSS files to your account on the class computer as you did in the last assignment.

Submit a document with your name

the URL of your homework on the class computer

a screen shot of the validation of the HTML to your Blackboard account

The zip of the Java source and class files

The main class name of your Java application A screen shot of your Java program working


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[Solved] 605.681 Module 3 -Homework for HTML/Java
10 USD $