[Solved] 605.201 Introduction to Programming Using Java Assignment 12

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This assignment involves building a simple calculator using Java FX. The calculator shall allow the user to enter two values and then calculate their sum when the user clicks on the Calculate button. The GUI should look similar to the one below. You can left justify, center, or right justify the calculate button.Requirements are WHAT the program performs. Design describes HOW the program meets the requirements. If you are exactly performing what the assignment states with no changes the requirements can be a copy, summary, or list of the stated assignment requirements. If you are adding more functionality please state what you are adding. Design can be captured in a UML Diagram, a tool created diagram (Powerpoint, Visio, etc), hand drawn on paper diagram, or a written paragraph describing how the program is designed to meet the requirements. The design can be minimal such as one diagram or one short paragraph. You should always capture requirements and design before starting to implement in code. Submit the requirements, design, source code and screen shots of each program’s output in a zip file named as follows: Assignment12 followed by an underscore (_) followed by your first name initial, followed by your last name, followed by your course section number. For example, if your name is Jane Smith and you are in section 81 your zip file would be Assignment12_jsmith81.zip.

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[Solved] 605.201 Introduction to Programming Using Java Assignment 12
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