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A NEW data set (pca_demo.txt) has been posted on Piazza (under resource project1). The data format is the same as the ones we already provided (but with different numbers of rows/columns).

Please bring the following items to Demo:

  • A hard copy of your
  • Your Including your runnable code implementaKon, the downloaded new dataset (pca_demo.txt, making sure your code can read it correctly).
  • Your UB

Complete the following tasks, and show your results during demo (please do NOT include these results in your report).

  1. Run your Dimensionality ReducKon methods (PCA, t-SNE and SVD) on new dataset (pca_demo.txt).

Please show:

  1. PCA source code and visualizaKon results on new
  2. t-SNE and SVD visualizaKon results on new
  3. Run your AssociaKon Analysis implementaKon on gene expression dataset with new queries. For example, set the support value to 60% and confidence value to 65%, then answer the query:

asso_rule.template3(“1or2”, “BODY”, “ANY”, [‘G1_Down’], “HEAD”, 2) Note that these parameters and template will be changed during demo.

Please show:

  1. AssociaKon Rule results (including rules and the number of rules) for new
  2. AssociaKon Rule source
  3. You will be asked several quesKons to test your understanding about above methods.

Please note:

  1. The demo is divided into three parts:
  2. Check Dimensionality ReducKon methods ;
  3. Check AssociaKon Analysis method;
  4. Answer project-related
  1. During the demo, some quesKons will be asked to verify your understanding about the tested Your final score is based on your report, your submi‘ed code, your demo and your answers to those quesKons. Please make sure that your results in the report and shown in the demo part can be reproduced by your submi‘ed code, or you may lose points.
  2. Each group only has 5 minutes to finish each part of the We will STOP the demo part once Kme is up. Do not be late and make sure your code can run smoothly. We will NOT give extra Kme.
  3. You should not reveal the questions you are asked during your demo to other

    If we find this, we will give ZERO score for this project to all the members in your group and the groups that receive the information.R


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[Solved] 601-Project 1
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