[Solved] BIT210 Assignment 2

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A. Rationale

This assignment is a continuation from Assignment 1 where it has been designed to allow students to test and demonstrate their understanding and ability to implement and connect client-side scripting (JavaScript) to server side scripting specifically PHP, MySQL and web server to develop a web application.

On completion of this assignment, the student will be able to:

  • CLO 2: Design and develop an interactive web site(s) with regard to issues of usability, accessibility and internationalisation.
  • CLO 3: Design and develop a client-server internet application that accommodates specific requirements and constraints
  • CLO 4: Organize in groups to analyse and present requirements and constraints for the design of client-server internet applications. Assessment Requirements:
  1. Produce a complete workable web based solution which include server side scripting and database connectivity. You should continue from the front-end product of your Assignment 1. ii. You are not allowed to use any content management system such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress for this assignment.

iii. You should use Atom editor. Student is required to submit the complete web development project which consists of the following documents in a CD/DVD:

  • .php document
  • .css document
  • .sql document
  • .html document
  • Microsoft word document for report.
  • Any other related documents Your completed web pages should be demonstrated to your lecturer in a presentation on Week 12 and be prepared to give detail descriptions of your project.

C. Questions

You are expected to continue the responsive web page which you have developed in Assignment 1. Develop ALL of the functionalities distributed among your group members to your web pages based on the use cases. All the six use cases must be implemented using server-side scripting (PHP) connecting to the local server (XAMPP) and databases (MySQL). Produce a functional web application in which the users can register and use all of the functionalities stated in case study given in Assignment 1.

Task 1 (70 marks) – Individual Assessment

Develop the functionalities of the web application based on the use cases given in Assignment 1. Each student is responsible for the use cases chosen in Assignment 1 and will be graded individually based on the marking scheme given.

Task 2

Produce a project report (8 – 10 pages). Your report MUST include the following points:

PART A (15 marks) – Pair Assessment

  1. Web project title.
  2. Table content of the report.
  • Manual guide of web setting/server configuration/installation/database configuration.
  1. Screenshots of web pages that you developed based on case study given.
  2. For each main element in the web pages, include the web coding which corresponds

to it. vi. Describe on the structure and properties of your database.

  • Description of the web technologies used (such as PHP, MySQL or web services) and justify your choice.
  • List out two advantages of using server side scripting. ix. List out all references that is used in APA format.

PART B (5 marks) – Individual assessment

Reflective writing gives you an opportunity to gain self-knowledge as well as to state explicitly what you understand and what you do not understand. It is a way of thinking to explore your learning. Each student should produce a reflective writing in about 500 words to:

  1. Reflect on your opinions and learning experiences in this Web Programming course.
  2. Reflect on your experiences and opinions in completing this assignment.

TASK 3: Presentation (10 marks) – Individual assessment

A presentation to demonstrate your complete web page is required. During your presentation, you should demonstrate on the functionality of your web page according to the requirements stated in both Assignment 1 and 2. Each student is responsible for his/her use cases. The presentation will be on one of the tutorial or lecture session. Student is assessed individually for this section in terms of understanding on how the web pages were developed. Student must be present for this presentation, otherwise no marks will be awarded for this section.


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[Solved] BIT210 Assignment 2
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