[Solved] Assignment #4- program to process your study log

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Learning Outcomes

When you have completed this assignment, you should understand:

  • How to use procedural decomposition to break down a problem into methods.
  • How to use while loops to process variable length input.
  • How to use the File class to read from a file.
  • How to use Scanner to process file input.
  • How to use arrays to process data.
  • How to develop your own strategy to test code for correctness.
  • Gain insights into your own studying habits.

You will complete a program to process your study log and learn more about yourself as a student. Download the template file StudyStats.java from Assignment #4 on conneX. Write the missing code for the methods in this template and as usual, compile and test your code often as you write it up.

Make sure to back up your study log.txt file while working on it, in case you accidentally erase the contents of the file. You can test your code on an a sample study log, study log check.txt also available for download from Assignment #4 on conneX.

A sample run for the completed program on the check file outputs the following:

jan 8 1300 1420 lecture uvic jan 9 1330 1520 lab uvic jan 11 1100 1245 selfcheck cschelpcentre jan 11 1300 1420 lecture uvic jan 11 1430 1530 help office jan 12 1000 1100 selfcheck desk jan 12 1400 1510 assignment1 desk jan 13 1200 1720 assignment1 desk jan 15 1040 1130 help cschelpcentre jan 15 1300 1420 lecture uvic jan 15 1440 1500 help office jan 15 1700 2100 assignment1 desk jan 16 1530 1720 lab uvic jan 18 0900 1100 assignment1 desk jan 18 1300 1420 lecture uvic jan 20 1000 1200 selfcheck desk jan 23 1040 1300 selfcheck library


jan 23 1900 2200 assignment2 desk jan 24 1000 1110 selfcheck library jan 24 1400 1530 selfcheck library jan 24 1600 1700 assignment2 library jan 25 1300 1420 lecture uvic jan 25 1600 2100 assignment2 desk jan 26 1300 1830 assignment2 computer jan 27 1600 1800 assignment2 computer jan 28 1700 1900 assignment2 desk jan 29 1300 1420 lecture uvic jan 30 1330 1520 lab uvic jan 31 1900 2100 selfcheck library

Your average study session in minutes is: 120.86206896551724 Your maximum time study session was: jan 26 1300 1830 assignment2 computer

I recommend starting with simply understanding the code in the template as it is written before you begin to work, and become more familiar with the start and stop arrays. Walk through the code and convince yourself that it is storing the file entry data into the arrays. You can see the output printed as the arrays are filled with the helper method printEntry.

Then start with the timeInMins method, and make sure it calculates the number of minutes from midnight to the input parameter time correctly.

Then use timeInMins to help you write the next method entryMins (you can actually write this method in one statement). This method should return the total number of minutes in an entry, from its start to its stop time. You should not have any entries in your log with start time before midnight, and stop time after midnight on the morning of the next day. If you do, simply split the entry into two entries, one for each day.

Then use entryMins to help you write aveStudyMins (make sure to cast the total number of minutes as type double in your final calculation, before you divide). This method should calculate the average number of minutes across entries in your log. You can then see for yourself how much time are you spending on average when you decide to study.

You can also use entryMins to help you write maxStudyTimeEntry (see min/max loops on pg. 256 in your textbook). Note that you can also save the index of the maximum entry you find with an integer variable, not just the maximum value itself. You can then see what activity made you spend the most time in one study session.

There are many more things you could program yourself to find out about your study habits.

If you decide to write a method to test parts of your code, you could leave that extra code in your submission, but make sure to get rid of any calls to it before you submit. If you have an adequate testing method, then it can earn you up to 5 buffer marks (doesn’t contribute to a mark above 30).


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[Solved] Assignment #4- program to process your study log
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