[Solved] ADS Project 3-Airline ticket reservation

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Write a simple airline ticket reservation program. The program should display a menu with the following options: reserve a ticket, cancel a reservation, check whether a ticket is reserved for a particular person, and display the passengers. The information is maintained on an alphabetized linked list of names. In a simpler version of the program, assume that tickets are reserved for only one flight. In a fuller version, place no limit on the number of flights. Create a linked list of flights with each node including a pointer to a linked list of passengers.

2 Guidelines

You should implement and use linked list class (the option of using a list class from STL is acceptable, though discouraged)

3 What to turn in

You will turn in

– a short written report containing: – Adescriptionofthesignificantchoices/issuesinthedesignofyourcode.

– Listingofyourexperiments,showcasingthecapabilitiesoftheprogram. – The sourcecode of your program.

You may turn in the document via elearning.e-uvt.ro (Class moodle).


4 Coding standards


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[Solved] ADS Project 3-Airline ticket reservation
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